Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+: The Ultimate Golf Laser Rangefinders

Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+: The Ultimate Golf Laser Rangefinders
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Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+

Golfers, get ready to level up your game with the new and improved Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+ laser rangefinders! These rangefinders are the latest updates to Shot Scope’s line of golf tech products, packed with features that will take your golfing experience to a whole new level. In this blog post, I’ll be diving into the details of these rangefinders, highlighting their upgrades and refinements, and giving you the lowdown on how they fit into Shot Scope’s product lineup. So, grab your clubs and let’s tee off into the world of Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+!

Shot Scope PRO LX: Laser Rangefinder with Essential Features

The Shot Scope PRO LX is a laser rangefinder that combines essential features with precision accuracy. It’s the perfect companion for any golfer looking to improve their game. Let’s take a closer look at the upgrades and refinements made to this model:

1. Strong Built-In Magnet

One of the key upgrades of the PRO LX is its strong built-in magnet. This magnet allows for easy attachment to a golf cart, keeping your rangefinder securely in place while you focus on your swing. No more fumbling around or worrying about losing your rangefinder during your round!

2. Target Lock Vibration and Rapid Fire Detection

With the Target Lock Vibration and Rapid Fire Detection feature, flag locking has never been easier. The rangefinder vibrates when it locks onto the flag, giving you immediate feedback and ensuring quick and accurate distance measurements. Say goodbye to second-guessing and hello to precision!

3. Adaptive Slope Technology

The PRO LX comes equipped with Adaptive Slope Technology, which takes into account changes in elevation and provides adjusted yardages based on the slope. However, for tournament play where slope adjustments are not allowed, you have the option to disable this feature, ensuring compliance with the rules.

4. X7 Magnification

Get a clear and close-up view of your target with the X7 magnification feature of the PRO LX. This enhancement allows you to see the details of the course, helping you make the best decisions for your shots.

5. 900-Yard Range Accurate to One Yard

The PRO LX boasts a impressive 900-yard range, accurate to within one yard. Whether you’re measuring distances to the green, hazards, or other points on the course, you can rely on the PRO LX to provide you with precise measurements every time.

6. Modified Anti-Slip Comfort Stability Grip

Shot Scope knows how important it is to have a rangefinder that feels comfortable in your hands throughout your round. That’s why they’ve modified the PRO LX with an anti-slip comfort stability grip, ensuring a secure hold and optimal usability.

The PRO LX is available in a range of exciting color options to match your personal style. And with a price of just $269.99, it’s a great investment for any golfer looking to step up their game without breaking the bank.

Shot Scope PRO LX

Shot Scope PRO LX+: Laser Rangefinder with added GPS Function and Shot-Tracking System

If you’re seeking even more advanced features, then the Shot Scope PRO LX+ is the laser rangefinder for you. In addition to all the great features of the PRO LX, the PRO LX+ comes with an added GPS function and a shot-tracking system powered by the included Shot Scope H4 unit. Let’s explore the features and functionality of the PRO LX+ in more detail:

1. Front, Middle, and Back Distances

With the GPS function of the PRO LX+, you can easily access front, middle, and back distances to help you plan your shots with confidence. No more guessing distances or relying on yardage markers – the PRO LX+ has you covered.

2. Front and Carry Yardages to Hazards

Identify potential hazards on the course and measure their distances with the PRO LX+. This feature gives you an edge in avoiding hazards and making calculated decisions for your shots.

3. Shot Tracking with RFID Club Tags

The PRO LX+ takes shot tracking to the next level with its RFID club tags. Attach the tags to your clubs, and the PRO LX+ will automatically detect and record each shot you make. This data can then be analyzed to gain insights into your game and identify areas for improvement.

4. Use of the H4 Unit for Shot Tracking and Pin Location

The Shot Scope H4 unit included with the PRO LX+ is the heart of the shot-tracking system. By using the H4 unit, you can easily track your shots, review your performance, and even determine the exact pin location for better accuracy in your gameplay.

Just like the PRO LX, the PRO LX+ is available in various color options to suit your style. With a price of $369.99, the PRO LX+ offers golfers advanced features for an enhanced golfing experience.

Shot Scope PRO LX+

Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+ as Part of Shot Scope’s Product Lineup

Shot Scope is known for its innovative golf tech products, and 2023 has been an exciting year for the company. In addition to the PRO LX and PRO LX+, they have released other notable products:

1. Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch

The X5 GPS watch is a versatile wearable that provides golfers with accurate distances, shot tracking capabilities, and advanced performance analytics. It’s the perfect companion for every round, helping you make informed decisions on the course.

2. Shot Scope Academy

The Shot Scope Academy is an online platform that offers golfers instructional content and training programs to improve their skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Shot Scope Academy has resources to help you take your game to the next level.

3. Shot Scope PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

The PRO L2 is another laser rangefinder by Shot Scope, offering golfers essential features and accurate distance measurements. It’s a reliable option for those seeking a quality rangefinder without the added GPS and shot-tracking capabilities.

4. Shot Scope G5 GPS-Only Watch

The G5 GPS-only watch is a stripped-down version of the X5 GPS watch, focusing solely on providing accurate distances to help you navigate the course effectively.

5. CONNEX Performance Tracking Tags

The CONNEX performance tracking tags are versatile, lightweight tags that can be easily attached to your clubs. By using these tags, you can track your performance on the course and gain valuable insights into your gameplay.

So, where do the PRO LX and PRO LX+ fit into Shot Scope’s lineup? The PRO LX and PRO LX+ offer golfers the benefits of laser rangefinders with added features such as adaptive slope technology, shot tracking, and GPS functionality. They are the perfect options for golfers who want the best of both worlds.

When considering value and pricing, it’s important to compare the PRO LX and PRO LX+ to other products on the market. While the PRO LX and PRO LX+ may have a higher price point compared to some other rangefinders, their advanced features justify the investment. However, it’s worth noting that Shot Scope also offers the PRO L2 and G5 at more affordable price points, catering to golfers with different budgets.

Despite the impressive range of Shot Scope products, there is a potential risk of diluting the shot- and data-tracking market. Golfers may find it overwhelming to choose between the various options available, leading to confusion and decision paralysis. Shot Scope will need to continue differentiating their products and educating consumers about the unique benefits of each.


The Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+ laser rangefinders are exciting updates to Shot Scope’s product lineup. With the PRO LX, you get essential features and upgrades that enhance your golfing experience. If you’re looking for more advanced capabilities, the PRO LX+ with its GPS function and shot-tracking system is the way to go.

Shot Scope’s range of distance measuring and shot tracking options, including their other products such as the X5 GPS watch and CONNEX performance tracking tags, provide golfers with a comprehensive suite of tools to improve their game. When making a decision, consider the value and pricing in relation to the features and benefits that matter most to you.

As always, keep practicing, have fun on the course, and let Shot Scope’s PRO LX and PRO LX+ be your trusty companions in your golfing journey!


Q: Are the PRO LX and PRO LX+ compatible with the Shot Scope app?

A: Yes, both the PRO LX and PRO LX+ are compatible with the Shot Scope app. The app allows you to sync and analyze your shot and performance data, providing valuable insights into your gameplay.

By connecting your rangefinder to the app, you can further leverage the features and functionality provided by Shot Scope to improve your golfing skills.

Q: Can the PRO LX+ be used without the shot-tracking features?

A: Yes, the PRO LX+ can be used even if you choose not to use the shot-tracking features.

The GPS function and laser rangefinder capabilities of the PRO LX+ can be utilized independently, allowing you to focus solely on distance measurements.

Q: Are the PRO LX and PRO LX+ legal for tournament play?

A: The PRO LX and PRO LX+ may not be legal for tournament play, depending on the rules and regulations of the tournament.

While the PRO LX and PRO LX+ have features such as adaptive slope technology and shot tracking, they may not comply with tournament rules that prohibit the use of certain functionalities. It’s important to check the specific rules of the tournament before using these rangefinders.

Have more questions? Visit the Shot Scope website for additional information and support. They have a comprehensive FAQ section and a dedicated customer support team ready to assist you.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Shot Scope and happy golfing!

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